Leadership and Management Training

Business Operations

Many dentist find themselves unprepared for the entrepreneurial side to owning a dental practice. Setting up business operations means being in charge of hiring and firing your team, payroll, choosing software systems, branding, marketing and sales. Adaptive Dental Solutions is the solution to streamline the business operations process.

Employee Accountability

An employee who is aware of their individual responsibilities within the team framework will better understand the impact of their behavior. Team training on self-accountibiliy and team accountability offers an opportunity to analyze behaviors during job performance.

Employee Manual Review

An employee manual review is an opportunity to have open and clear communication of what is expected of them within the practice. This keeps the team on the track and ensures the practice guidelines are maintained.

puzzle-961800_1280Internal and External Marketing

Internal marketing is often overlooked in favor of external marketing efforts. At Adaptive Dental Solutions, we investigate all aspects of your practice which could benefit from both internal and external marketing efforts.

Office Manager Support and Training

Office Manager Support and Training can go a long way towards ensuring your dental practice runs like a well oiled machine.

Team Building

A well trained team is an asset to dentist and patients alike. Training clarifies the roles and responsibility each individual has within the team. Which translates to a more efficient team that is better able to handle both day-to-day tasks and the occasional unexpected challenge.

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