I understand the unique challenges dental practices face in maintaining a steady flow of patients during the summer months. With vacations, outdoor activities, and family events, dental appointments often take a backseat. However, with strategic marketing, you can not only attract new patients but also retain your existing ones. Let me share some strategies that have worked in other offices to keep the schedule full this summer.

Techniques to Attract New Patients and Retain Existing Ones During the Summer

1. Leverage Seasonal Themes

Incorporate summer themes into your marketing campaigns. Create content that resonates with the season, such as blog posts about maintaining oral health during summer vacations, tips for keeping teeth white with summer treats, and advice on protecting teeth during sports and outdoor activities. Engaging, relevant content can draw attention and keep your practice top-of-mind.

2. Host Community Events

Participate in or sponsor local summer events like fairs, festivals, and sports tournaments. Set up a booth offering free dental check-ups, distributing branded merchandise, and engaging with the community. This not only raises awareness about your practice but also fosters goodwill and trust within the community.

3. Referral Programs

Implement a referral program where existing patients can refer friends and family to your practice ! Word-of-mouth remains a powerful tool, and incentives can motivate your patients to spread the word. Make sure you and the entire team are comfortable asking for refers.  Take time to review it and implement it now!  It will pay off.

Special Summer Promotions and Discounts to Encourage Appointments

1. Summer Specials

Offer limited-time specials or special packages for services commonly sought during the summer, such as teeth whitening or ortho starts, even Botox. Promote these offers through your website, social media, and email newsletters. Get the team talking about this with patients!

2. Get the kids scheduled!

Reach out to families with kids, or college students home for the summer, let’s get them scheduled!  Look for opportunities to see patients during the summer break time!

3. Back-to-School Promotions

As summer winds down, many parents start preparing for the new school year.  Have a hygiene day that is focused on the kids!   Have fun at the office and encourage families to come in prior to the start of school!  They can get their hygiene visit done, and if any treatment is needed, reserve time before school starts! This not only helps fill your schedule but also ensures children start the school year with healthy smiles.

Utilizing Social Media and Online Marketing to Reach a Broader Audience

1. Engage on Social Media

Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share summer-specific content, promotions, and patient testimonials. Run targeted ads to reach potential new patients in your area. Regular posts and engagement can keep your audience informed and interested in your services. Highlight you and the team!  Share what you are doing.

2. Optimize Your Website

Ensure your website is up-to-date, mobile-friendly, and optimized for search engines. Highlight your summer promotions prominently on the homepage. Use blog posts and landing pages to drive traffic and convert visitors into patients.

3. Email Marketing

Send out summer-themed email newsletters to your patient database. Include tips for maintaining oral health during the summer, details of your promotions, and reminders to book appointments. Personalized email campaigns can significantly improve patient retention and appointment bookings.

Summer can be a challenging time for dental practices, but with the right marketing strategies, you can keep your appointment book full. By leveraging seasonal themes, offering special promotions, and utilizing online marketing, you can attract new patients and retain your existing ones.

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