Good leadership starts with a good foundation. Have you wondered if anyone is listening to you?  Wonder why your team doesn’t seem to get things done? I know we hire team members and give them a job duties and then disappointed when  things aren’t happening or getting done correctly?  If you want to start to  break this cycle, let’s start with Leadership.

Leadership is something you can control and work on.  You can become a great leader with the right effort.   Teams want  a leader they can look to for direction, clarity, and the example.  Here a few things you start doing to get started on building your leadership muscle.

Start Building Trust

Foundations of Leadership

First, If you say it, do it.  This is about the team seeing how credible you are and start building trust. Building trust is an important piece if you want the team to support you. Work on making conscious efforts everyday to show the team they can trust you.  When they trust you, they will follow your lead, and help support your vision for the practice.   If you mess up, own up!  No one is perfect, and admit it when you don’t follow through with something.  Let them know what is next and a new commitment to them. 

Clear Values

Second, Get clear with values.  This is a great exercise with the team and allows you to share your values and get input from the team on their values.  Come up with team core values, what is important to us as a team?  How do we expect each other to behave while at the practice?  What do we believe in as a team and as the leader you sharing what is important to you and the practice.  When you and the team have clear core values it allows everyone to be on the same page and reflect that in everything we do at the practice.  It helps solidify the team and create commitment.  With commitment it is much easier to do the “things”.

Create Vision

Third, spend time creating a real vision for your practice.  Share this with the team and they will want to follow you!  Teams want clarity and to know what they are doing matters.  As the leader, you want to make sure you know where you are going, and then the team can see that and help you get there, we all get there and can celebrate.  Spend some time asking yourself, what do you want patients to say about you and the practice?  What brings you satisfaction/joy? What makes you and your team stand out?  How do we give back to patients or the community?  When you have a clear vision, a team following you, and agreements as a team on how to do it, you can have great success. 

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