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An in-office diagnostic will look at the entire office from an internal and external fine-tooth comb. From leadership and team training to patient protocol to system improvements that effect the bottom line and the success of your practice.

Employee Accountability

An employee who is aware of their individual responsibilities within the team framework will better understand the impact of their behavior. Team training on self-accountability and team accountability offers an opportunity to analyze behaviors during job performance.

Employee Manual Review

An employee manual review is an opportunity to have open and clear communication of what is expected of them within the practice. This keeps the team on track and ensures the practice guidelines are maintained.


Office Manager Support & Training

Office Manager Support and Training can go a long way towards ensuring your dental practice runs like a well-oiled machine.

Internal and External Marketing

Internal marketing is often overlooked in favor of external marketing efforts. At Adaptive Dental Solutions, we investigate all aspects of your practice which could benefit from both internal and external marketing efforts.

Team Building

A well-trained team is an asset to the dentist and patients alike. Training clarifies the roles and responsibilities each individual has within the team. This translates to a more efficient team that is better able to handle both day-to-day tasks and the occasional unexpected challenge.

Business Operations

Many dentists can find themselves unprepared for the entrepreneurial side of owning a dental practice. Setting up business operations means being in charge of hiring and firing your team, payroll, choosing software systems, branding, marketing, and sales. Adaptive Dental Solutions is the solution to streamline the business operations process.

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Practice Systems

Accounts Receivable

Chasing down overdue patient debt while trying to retain patients can be a distraction from growing dental practice. However, it is possible to collect on outstanding debt thereby keeping a practice profitable while still maintaining healthy patient relationships.

Effective Team Meetings

To ensure team meetings are productive and not a waste of valuable time, it is important that each meeting be used to increase communication. Motivating team members through collaborative discussion towards goals outlined in an agenda. A clearly defined agenda with a motivated team is key to an effective meeting that moves the practice closer towards predetermined goals.

Insurance submitting/follow up

Quick and trouble-free insurance payments require an in-office system that keeps tracks of submitted claims and prompts front office follow-up. A properly trained front office will file your claims in a timely manner and keep your dental practice in compliance.

Leadership and Management Training

At Adaptive Dental Solutions, we work with the dentist to develop management training which ties into their leadership style.

Patient Review

Online patient reviews have become increasingly important to a dental practice reputation. At Adaptive Dental Solutions, we have proven strategies for strengthening your online reputation.

Presenting Financial Options

With dwindling insurance coverage a patient is now more fee sensitive than ever before.  Acceptance of financial options presented to a patient incorporates verbal skills, physical cues, customer service as well as patient motivation. At Adaptive Dental Solutions, we have found each situation requires visual and listening skills.

Profit and Loss Statement Review

Dental bookkeeping done well will give a dentist a true picture of the financial health of their practice. By the same token, dental bookkeeping mistakes can unnecessarily challenge the cash flow of a dental practice. A bookkeeper adept at handling dental practice accounting is key.

Scheduling Systems

It has been said that a dental office lives and dies by the production of the books. Having the right scheduling system in place tracking all variables of a dental practice will help keep your practice thriving.

Telephone Scripting

Scripting can be a powerful communication tool that ensures the entire dental team is on the same page.

Treatment/Case Presentation

Through Adaptive Dental Solutions proven communication strategy, your team will learn the fine art of treatment/case presentation. The right words will impact patients’ responses towards the recommended treatment.

Treatment Plan Follow-up

Creating a treatment plan follow-up system enables a practice to stay connected with patients, encourages them to continue on with treatment and lets them know you an active part of their dental care.

Hygiene Systems

Hygiene Protocol

Diagnosis-driven hygiene is an important step in the treatment plans of patients who need more attentive care than a simple cleaning.  A hygiene department that is both productive and organized will give patients the confidence to proceed with recommended treatment plans.

Recall Protocol

Maximizing return appointments and minimizing broken appointments goes beyond sending generic postcard reminders. A successful Recall Protocol uses multiple modern communication strategies.

Helping Dentist Offices & Teams Reach their full potential

Business Cycle Management

Business planning

A business needs to have a plan for direction as well as to gauge success. A practice without a plan will meander with no direction. Whether you are a new dental practice or a well-seasoned office, we can help create a new plan or adapt an existing plan to fit your practice.

Start Up Consulting

If you are ready to hang your shingle, then we can guide you on all aspects of your new practice: Dental branding, office systems, team training, and office location.  Once you have chosen a location we will deliver a report detailing demographic, psychographic and geographic behavior of your zip code, city or county.

Transition/Acquisition Management

Adaptive Dental Solutions will guide you through the process of selling your practice. We will expertly guide the tough decisions on money (now and/or later), choosing to continue practicing dentistry or retire, easing the transition for staff and patients and more.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

Angela is a Dental practice business and development coach.  Angela brings over 30 years of hands on experience, while helping doctors and teams reach their full potential.  Angela is also a speaker and educator for dental practices.  Her background as an administrator, expanded function dental assistant, New patient coordinator, office manager, and advanced training with dental management systems is invaluable with the day to day operations in a dental office, with the doctor, and with the team.

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