Now is the time to distinguish yourself as a leader. Above all, your team needs you to be a leader now more than ever.  This is certainly a stressful or crisis time, and this gives you as a leader an opportunity to respond in  a way that will make a difference, for you, your team, and your patients. Leading through crisis takes focus, change, and good leadership. You got this!


If you are anything like me, we don’t make changes, even changes we want to make, until we are forced to through some sort of adversity.  Now is the time to change and adapt.  Use this time to review YOUR  vision and mission.  Evaluate your PPO’s, look for opportunities for when this is over.


In this time of “crisis” I am hyper focused.  Get focused!  Look at competing and conflicting priorities.  Make cuts and changes now. What is essential for you moving forward?  Create a template of your ideal day, production, and collections.  What has to happen to meet those goals? Who do you want to surround yourself with each day? What is in your way?

Now is the time to LEAD  your way out! For that reason, in a crisis one of two things can happen.  We can sit down and wait for it to pass, or we can stand up and start leading our way out!

So, is your your perception is on track? Review your perception and keep it in check. Consequentially adversity has the risk of failure or the benefit of success through it.


Finally, take this time to prepare your mindset so you can lead your team. For that reason, try doing these things:

Focus on family time

Take some personal to reflect, dream build, plan

Catch up on things you have putting off

Add value- encourage your team and family



How will this crisis make me better?

How can I help others during crisis?

What action can I take to improve?

Remember  Everything worth while is uphill!   You got this and we are here to support you during this and well after this!

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